When it comes to emergency dentistry, you won’t find a better place than in Bondi Beach, Australia. “The only reason I go to Bondi is because my family and I like to go surfing in the summer. My regular dentist is Dr. Anil Shah, who is very well qualified and experienced in all aspects of emergency dentistry. He is very popular because he keeps all the rules of cosmetic dentistry and sedation practices, which are required by law.”Bondi Junction Railway Station

When you need cosmetic dentistry, there are few places you can go. If your tooth is bothering you or if it has chipped, cracked, broken or any other aesthetic problems, you should see an emergency dentist at once. You should be seen immediately by a licensed professional so that you receive the best treatment possible. “The only problem we have encountered was when the patient arrived late from a holiday in Thailand. The dentist tried everything he could think of to keep the pain to a minimum, but to no avail. He ended up sedating the patient with a painkiller before starting any work on the tooth. Luckily, the tooth didn’t need to be pulled.

Other dental emergencies in Bondi Beach include: a chip in the tooth, fractured or broken teeth, bleeding gums, an abscessed tooth or a pinched nerve. It is important to get an appointment as soon as possible to avoid further complications. If the problem is not resolved promptly, it could worsen and lead to more complications. You should know what to expect before going to your local dentist’s office. Read below to learn about the most common dental issues faced by woollahra emergency dentist.

When you get a chipped tooth, you should get treatment right away. “A chipped tooth occurs when the outer protective layer of the tooth is exposed and this makes it vulnerable to being broken,” explains Woollahra emergency dentist Dr. Ravi Verma. “A chipped tooth will either crack or chip and depending on the way it gets damaged, there will be bleeding involved as well. An emergency dentist in Bondi Beach will be able to provide immediate emergency care by extracting the tooth and taking necessary steps to remedy the damage.”

A tooth that has been knocked out through the roof or on the side can also be treated at an emergency clinic. “We treat patients for issues like this on a daily basis,” says Woollahra emergency dentist Sameer Kumar. “What we do is examine the inside of the tooth, look for signs of infection, loves (x-rays), and any other issues that need to be addressed before proceeding. Once we have taken care of those, we give the patient an antibiotic and analgesic so that they can get pain relief while we work on the issue. We might even ask them to come back the next day with an updated plan of what we need to do to get the pain to subside.”

If a tooth becomes infected, Woollahra emergency dentists in Bondi Beach treat toothaches like any other patient. First, they give antibiotics and an antiseptic to fight off the infection. If it is not clear from the infection symptoms, the dentist might recommend draining the fluid out through the tooth. Once the infection has cleared up, the dentist will probably prescribe a course of antibiotics to keep it from coming back.

Another common problem is knocked-out teeth or broken fillings. A Woollahra emergency dental technician takes care of such emergencies. “For these problems, the patient will be given painkillers and antibiotics before the dentist comes and examines the tooth. If everything looks good, the dentist will replace the damaged part, restore the tooth, and send the patient home with a prescription for a cap and filling,” said Dr. Ravi Verma, a renowned emergency medicine doctor at Apollo West Medical Center in Los Angeles.

If a patient wants to go to a regular dentist, he has the choice of going to Woollahra emergency dentists, as well. But as in any emergency situation, it’s important for patients to remember to seek immediate treatment. “The longer the wound heals, the more chance of infection and more damage to the tooth. So the rule is, the sooner you get help, the better,” Dr. Verma added. In any case, patients should seek treatment if they think there’s a problem.


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