Exploration may also actively shape their surroundings. To get this done, in the program would be the elements of influence on the bulk mind and the mechanisms of influence on your head of the individual. And here it begins immediately from the junction of competitive intelligence operates of the Support PR. After all, PR as a function of the enterprise – this really is also a method to change the fact and impact on people in the interests of business. It would seem that competitive intelligence company PR and observing at the same website and duplicate each other? Apparently not.

PR service and CI businesses don’t compete but match each other. About the same as complementary area vessels and submarines in the fleet. PR company in public, it can be viewed, it can assist the public. PR company can keep in touch with writers and with the authorities directly. In that promotion is its power, but it’s and their weakness.

CI works mostly in secret, her conversation with journalists, government officials, clients, the company, their technicians or its rivals is generally through others, or below protect (in permitted by law and ethics inside a specific society).

Hence, competitive intelligence nearer to all of those other structures of the company means the so-called “active actions” – activity centered on proper and tactical deception, bluffing, manipulating public opinion, whose major task – in a managed modify in the attitude of the job force to the company.

Competitive intelligence at the expense of the skills, personal connections and working techniques can somewhat enhance “floor portion” of the enterprise to improve the info space, the continuous PR-service.

There’s yet another problem, which I wish to pull attention. This footage. Do I must carry to the implementation of competitive intelligence services staff features of PR-service business or have to employ them quietly?

Training specialist productive company PR ways of competitive intelligence requires two to five days, and he is quite able to solve many common problems faced by the enterprise in the situation of the PR. Nevertheless, for two to five times, it’s impossible to get ready a common expert. Therefore, in complicated cases can still need the involvement of professionals in outsourcing. True PR-service staff is been trained in competitive intelligence , does not spend your time on futile attempts to fix their very own problems he “is not as tough.” He is usually able to easily know what the issue is beyond its capabilities.Just as important, he knows what type of consultant is needed to solve his problem.

Generally, involve outside specialists is essential, when needed expertise, fairly uncommon among people in operation: for example, functional expertise or analytical perform knowledge in a competitive non-economic practices or knowledge against criminal groups. Sometimes, considering that among PR specialists lots of people who have education in the humanities, you will need counseling or direct involvement of specialized experts.

Since of these painful and sensitive problems aren’t only attracted to outsourcing abilities person, but his particular features – such as for instance integrity, ability to keep techniques, reliability, essential “workers middle” for the choice of these people are qualified associations of competitive intelligence professionals.

PR service and competitive intelligence companies do not compete but match each other. About the same as complementary surface boats and submarines in the fleet. PR support in public, it is visible, it could assist the public. PR office may communicate with journalists and with the authorities directly. In that advertising is its energy, but it is and its weakness.


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