These community employees have to manage more than one hundred and thirty thousand taxpayers, including the small and moderate people to big taxpayers. The tax government is composed predicated on functions as: anti problem, internal audit, tax charm, and is based on.Image result for tax administration

Detailed operates – services for taxpayers, evaluation of duty earnings and VAT refunds, tax arrears variety,tax audit, duty study and Supporting activities for working features – specialized dilemmas, legal company, training and teaching, international relationship. The headquarter involves 14 Websites and 12% of total employees of tax administration. The local duty directories are 13 and Large Taxpayer Directorate and contain 88% of complete workers of duty administration. The structure of tax government centered on gender issue is next to 50% – 50%.

The objective of the taxation government is to contribute the tax revenue to fund the government’s community expenditures through efficient and successful number of fees, insurance benefits and different duties. In addition, we present information to aid the growth of the Government’s economic policies.

With a view to attaining these objectives, the taxation government helps citizens through top quality solutions therefore that they may be voluntarily in submission with regulations and their obligations and duties. Simultaneously the consulta cnpj gratis taxation government works against those whose conduct does not meet the requirements of the law.

The full total duty earnings obtained for 2011 were € 1.21 million, where € 821 million as duty profits and € 400 million as social contributions. The result from tax audit and tax study operations occurred with more than 144 million euro tax dues and fines.

The duty earnings structure consist in cultural contributions with 32%, P.I.T. with 17%, V.A.T. with 16%, C.I.T. with 12%, excises with 10% and other fees with 11%. In line with international most useful techniques, duty government has recognized a Listing for big people to control the problems of a small number of taxpayers, whose funds constitute the greatest duty profits (50.2% of all duty revenues in 2011).

Big Individuals Listing administers 800 taxpayers. Because 2009, citizens are labeled as “big” when they have an annual turnover in excess of the total amount of 180 million Albanian Lek (1.5 million euro), number of personnel and level of investment or capital.

One of the main objectives of the generation of LTD is to reinforce the expertise on staff in order that the tax company to increase its capacity to have the same skill level in addition to individual field consultants engaged by big taxpayers. Effective Big People Models successfully achieve this through:

Duty reform that is the main fiscal reform must also aim at removing the budget misbalance, proper reallocation of fiscal burden, facilitation of evaluation practices and tax selection and increasing income distribution. In our state the duty administration is concentrated to move in these guidelines exactly as goals in a)

Increasing the base of citizens to pay tax on personal money and program of the best rates from the nations of the place, b) expanding the bottom taxpayers who pay duty on profits and the application form of the cheapest proportion on the list of nations around us; c) change to the VAT law given the changes in the structure of duty revenues; d) efficiency of duty government by negative components to overcome corruption and inadequacy in controlling its employees.

Specially, for the newest fiscal year, the Albanian tax reform must concentrate on the implementation of translucent rules and efficient evaluation and number of particular revenue duty, cultural fees, VAT and income duty, provided the fact these taxes generate imbalances numerous financial: improved financial activities which are not listed and barter transactions, raise duty evasion, money movement, enormous utilization of international currencies, reduced total of bank deposits.


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