Today’s digital music services allow anyone to listen to music anytime, anywhere. Not only is it a matter of infinite time and place, music apps on smartphones can also make users listen to songs that were released decades ago.

Many digital music services are widely used by Internet users today, both for streaming music and for downloading their favorite songs. In three months, Internet users streamed more than 1.665 billion minutes.

Ease of access to streaming finally makes music a companion in your daily routine. In fact, for some people, not listening to music while on the go can feel empty.

According to academic and music psychologist Christ Billy Aryanto, this is due to the physical, social and psychological benefits of music.

Billy said that the right music played at the right time can affect a person psychologically. It is not just a matter of mood, but also the ability to make the mind more focused or more relaxed.

“Think of music as the soundtrack of our lives. The perfect soundtrack that fits a scene can certainly reinforce the emotions and atmosphere of a film. In this case the film is intended as an everyday human activity”, he said.

Researchers also found that music can increase stamina and motivation. Researchers suggest that a person’s emotional response to listening to music they like has a strong relationship with the part of the brain that processes attention.

Music also hones cognitive skills that can increase their focus and focus on work, which is why the busy bee type needs music as a companion while working.

Night explorers, aka Night Riders, are people who only feel alive when they have completed their homework and work and are ready for their personal night activities.

These people prefer music which can enrich the quality of their private time, creating a good mood and increasing their awareness.

With music, they will be encouraged to finish and leave work as quickly as possible; and perhaps it is best to navigate congestion during rush hour.


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