I’ve been working on Windows since I bought my first computer in 1997. I run Windows 95 back then and I would update to all the new versions as soon as they came out.

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My wife bought me my first Mac book last year and I have to say that it brought user interface on to another level. The bright retina monitor and the fast processor deliver an amazing user experience. However, lots of the software I use for my profession don’t fully operate or don’t even exist for Macs.

So, I had to find a way to enjoy both my precious macbook and the professional software to the fullest. Initially I used Boot Camp to be able to run Windows but I had to reboot everytime I wanted to change operation system. Eventually I came across Parallels Desktop, a perfect solution which lets you install Windows in your Mac and work on both systems at the same time.

Versions and Pricing 

Parallel desktop comes  with three versions. The standard edition is the one that has got the better way for the things to get what can be better for you. It is good for you to get the free upgrades so that any future the versions. It is good for you to include the high level features so that I need not have to test that the things in better way possible way. Try to get what is most suitable for you.

Use Cases 

Users can easily run the Parallels in just any of the modes. It is possible for using virtualization app for opening the complete windows. It is something that can be used for opening the single windows app in the OS X window.

Excellent Performance 

It is one of the things that helps you use same kinds of virtual machines which you may be in need for creating the VMware workstation for the Linux or Windows. You should need the same for copying existing the virtual machine that is there for windows or the Linux computer to the Mac or in the vice versa. It is something that can support the wider range of the guest operating systems.


It is something that helps you in installing the windows OS X in much effortless way possible. There are chances for you to get what is most suitable for you to get the things in better way possible. It is something that can open the windows files in the windows apps. The deep integration options can give the windows apps the access for the OS X folders. It is the one that is fastest for performance. It can be something that can help in easily getting the things done with the virtual machines. Also, users can get a discount upon purchasing the software by using one of the parallels coupons given through tech blogs and forums.


This is the one that has got very minor kind of the stability issues. It is something that comes with the OS X interface available which may get cluttered unless you are not having the option to be turned off. There are chances for you to get this done only if you are finding that in the finest way.

The parallels desktop is the one that is best for the ones who are using it for the first time and also for the users who are using desktop for non technical purposes. It is best for the ones who want to run the windows app under the OS X.


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