Women around the world are falling in love with hair extention rather than the old processed hair from the past. Not only does this hair look more natural, it lasts much longer and is more trouble free than the processed, so called, braided hair from China. Some cheap braided wigs are soft and have the natural movement and luster of your own hair. The natural looking style of them will leave you free from worries of having a fake appearance. This results in a huge boost of confidence leading to career advancement or a more exciting social life among other things.

Some is pre-tipped with glue for fusion or put on a weft for different types of extensions. Regardless of what distributors tell you, most of the high quality hair comes from Africa. The problem is finding superb quality cheap braided hair wigs. There are a lot of distributors who claim to have good quality at a low price. Well, that is a contradiction in itself! Great quality comes at a price. You don’t have to pay a mint to get great hair, but you won’t find it cheap, either.

There are a few things you want to look for in great quality hair. You want to find lush and full tresses, not stringy ones. A lot of it has thin ends that 3″ to 4″ must be cut off. Is it old or does it have plenty of life left? Some women donate really long hair, 30″ or more, which takes a long time to grow. This can be cut in half or even thirds. The top half will be a lot newer than the bottom, thus more desirable. If you are buying hair on a weft, then you need to know if it sheds and what the distributor will do for you if it does. Will they replace it?

Braided wigs can be the most beautiful, long-lasting hair you’ve ever had. Just make sure that it does not turn out to be a nightmare. Do your research. Call the company and ask questions.

It is important to find high quality braided wigs for your extensions.


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