Madarao is one of the beautiful regions in Japan. Click here, Madarao to ensure you enjoy your stay. This link will direct you to Active life hotel website. Active life hotel guarantees you quality hotel and catering services. There are three different hotels rooms to choose from. There are a few things you should prepare heading to Madarao. Here are some of them:

  • Budget- Budget is very essential during your tour around Madarao. Your budget determines the kind of hotel you will rent and the places you will visit.
  • Climate- You should always dress based on the climate. Japan can be cold or hot.

There are three different rooms you can rent at Active life hotel Madarao, Namely:

  • Deluxe room- This is a double room. It can house up to three guests. Deluxe rooms have a single sofa bed and a king size bed. Apart from toiletries inside your bathroom, breakfast is also offered.
  • Standard room- Standard room can hold a maximum of two people. Each standard room has a queen sized bed, bathroom and some free space. You will be supplied toiletries and breakfast when you book a standard room.
  • Family room- This is the biggest room Active life hotel has. It is also the most expensive room. This room can hold a maximum of four guests. Toiletries and breakfast is also supplied

Catering services are also exceptional. There is a wide range of meals to choose from. Active life hotel can also personalize meals to make you feel at home. Skiing is a popular sport activity in Madarao. Active life hotel also offer skiing services. Therefore, consider skiing while at this hotel. There is a team of experienced personnel. Active life hotel will definitely make your stay comfortable.


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