According to many candidates, it is enough for the CV to show the skills and experience. According to, which brings together Human Resources experts and candidates, a good CV in today’s tough competitive environment is not limited to these features. “Human Resources professionals view at least 300 resumes for a position,” said Mike O’Brien, founder and CEO of “If your CV is not easily visible and contains minor errors, forget about it,” he says.Image result for CV Writing

CV Formasi, proudly founded by Emil Memmedzade, offers high quality CV forms, resume forms at affordable prices. According to, a British site that brings together Human Resources experts and candidates and advises candidates in the job search process, it is not enough for a CV to be strong in content. Emil Memmedzade, the owner of states that the general perception is that a CV showing the skills and experience is successful, whereas on the HR side, some basic features are looked at first, and that the CV should be easily visible. It is worth noting that factors that may seem too simple can counteract the effect of CV.

Here Are CV Recommendations From HR Experts:

Formal features

According to experts, it is important not to choose too many animated fonts when writing a CV. The important thing is that the text is easy to read and does not have a tiring form. Another suggestion is that the font should be at least 12 points. Considering that HR experts take a look at the resume in a very short time, a very good CV written in small fonts is highly likely to be overlooked.

To get noticed

Another important feature sought is that the CV is compact. What is actually mentioned here is that the CV is in a structure that can be easily viewed. According to research, HR professionals have to spend, on average, less than 30 seconds in the first step to review a CV. Accordingly, a CV that is divided into paragraphs, separated by articles, attention is paid to margins, sections are separated by bold headings and of course grammar is much more fortunate than others.

While writing experiences

Another feature emerges at the point of writing experiences. Experts make some important suggestions at this point. For example, you worked for an unknown company. While expressing this, you should definitely give detailed information about the company organization and your role there. If you have worked in a company that is well known by HR experts, there is no need for a detailed explanation. It will be sufficient to just mention your role in the company.

While writing talents

Experts recommend that the candidates write down their talents, the training they have received or the features they want to emphasize under separate headings and absolutely by itemizing them. Considering that the HR specialist takes a quick look at the CV at the first stage, it is also important to draw attention to the features that are sought for the position at the top and to use expressions suitable for the skills sought.

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