The desert Southwest has one of the most unique landscapes and cultures in the United States. The rugged beauty of the desert sets it apart and makes an incredible backdrop for a wedding. Whether you live in Arizona, New Mexico, or another part of the region, embrace the distinctive flavor of the desert when you are planning your wedding.

The landscape of the desert is one of the most special things about the Southwest states. It is certainly unlike what you would find in the East or Midwest, and although some people may not realize it, there is an amazing array of plants that are native to the desert. Although you can certainly use the same traditional wedding flowers, like roses, that are used nationwide, it would be more interesting to incorporate some of the flowers and succulents that speak of the harsh beauty of the desert.

If you are considering an outdoor wedding, naturally you will want to take the weather under consideration when setting a date. Your guests will not thank you if you plan an outside ceremony under the blazing sun of an August afternoon. Nor would you want your ceremony to be washed away by one of the seasonal monsoons. Consult an almanac for the best dates for your area, or plan for an early spring wedding, when the weather is generally quite pleasant.

For couples who have many guests coming in from “Back East”, it would be great to play up the heritage and culture of the Southwest by choosing a venue that is characteristic of the region. Classic adobe buildings or rustic outdoor locations would be ideal. It would be especially nice if the venue has a stunning desert vista that can be seen from a window or patio.

The culture of the Southwest has a lot of influence from Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. This is especially evident in the regional cuisine. Like the roses, you could serve basic wedding fare like plain beef or chicken, but it seems like a shame not to take advantage of the best food that the Southwest has to offer. If you are nervous that your guests will not be interested in spicy food, at least add a couple of spicier appetizers to the mix. Most out of town guests will be thrilled to try something new and delicious at your reception!

When thinking about your wedding attire for a elopement, most brides will look at the same styles as brides in New York, California, or anywhere else in the U.S. The exception may be for those brides looking for a gown to help beat the heat. Lightweight fabrics such as organza and linen will be much more comfortable on a warm day than heavy satin.

In terms of your accessories, it would be nice to choose handcrafted bridal jewelry that gives a little nod to the Southwestern culture. This is not to say that you necessarily have to wear the traditional Native American crafts, but it would be great to use dashes of the traditional colors. Look for bridal jewelry that has been handcrafted in sterling silver. A fun twist on a classic gem of the Southwest would be to choose pieces that have touches of Swarovksi crystals in turquoise blue.

Each part of the United States has features that are unique to it. These scenic and cultural differences are what make each part of the country special in its’ own way. For brides getting married in the desert Southwest, have fun playing up the unique features of your hometown.


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