From the tea color, it their difficult to tell apart the producing area of Longjing, and it is maybe not required to create such a distinction. If the leaves are from early spring and stated in the traditional westlake Longjing producing villages, such as for example Meijiawu or Shifeng, using standard control techniques, it will result in an excellent Longjing. There’s a slight difference involving the West River Longjing and Zhejiang Longjing.Longjing Tea, Imperial Tea in China, Chinese Tea Culture ...

Even though both are green teas, West Sea Longjing provides a vibrant odor with new smell, and likes newly and gently; Zhejiang Longjing features a young chestnut scent and a round and full-bodied taste. Nevertheless, if a device is employed to pan-fry the Xihu Longjing and Zhejiang Longjing, differing from the standard Longjing tea control craft, there is no significant big difference between the scents of the two varieties. Other sectoral teas primarily provide a young pan-fried green tea extract taste.

Infused tea leaf sense mainly involves the color, the readiness and the completeness. Sometimes the implanted tea leaves are mixed onto a rectangular enamel tray and cool water is added, in order to see the amount of youthfulness and uniformity of the infused leaves, which may be a guide for classification. A brown tea leaves shade and damaged leaves can show that the leaves are of previous and inferior quality.

Classifying Longjing must be achieved in line with the standard tea sample. If the looks varies from the typical sample, such as for example natural tea, classification can just only be done by matching their readiness with the standard tea sample of related maturity. Currently most retail Longjing teas are placed on market right after control, but a number of them do not need a classification brand and are only priced.

For small-packaged longjing tea, it’s essential that the item title and the class are labeled, and these teas must be labeled according to the common sample. The school of Longjing tea relates to the color with a degree. For high-class spring tea, along with is ideally sore green, brilliant yellow for lower quality and dark brown as the lowest quality. For Longjing tea stated in summer and fall, having along with of deep green or dull brown is among the characteristics of experiencing a reduced quality. Machine-processed Longjing tea seems to have a black natural color.

Longjing tea is one of the very most favorite and precious sorts in modern China. Extremely delighted, bright and delicious style and taste get this tea extremely expensive. With several thousand years of history, Longjing tea is collected just in China at the big plantations around Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province. That type of tea is also gathered in Yunnan and Sichuan provinces but Chinese tea professionals think that correct Longjing tea must be elevated and gathered just in Hangzhou.

Just top of the leaf is employed for true natural Longjing tea production. Small, small and bright green little needle-shaped leafs involve enormous number of work to be gathered and prepared. This tea is indeed lightweight that for appropriate infusion you will be needing from someone to two hundreds of this leafs. Longjing tea is considered together of the very most elite tea varieties in China and throughout the world. It may cost more that thousand pounds per pound in regular China teashops. And on tea auctions annually held in China – charge for many plenty may differ up to a few tens of thousands of pounds only for 50 grams! And a whole lot persons look at this as reasonable cost and buying that Longjing.

Cold weather and spring of 2010 year were amazingly drought-afflicted in the Zhejiang province. Asian farmers have said that they hadn’t seen such winter more than a century. Obviously such weather conditions immediately affected spring harvest of the tea, which is the absolute most valuable. Rates skyrocketed and will stay extremely high till that spring, which ideally will give you auspicious problems for Longjing growth and harvesting. Nevertheless despite of the cost element that tea pictures continues popular.


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