To buy a new bike rack is like purchasing a new pair of pants. You need that pants to be fitted first. To choose a perfect rack for your bike to be carried is almost a same issue and is not just so easy.

Before purchasing a bicycle rack

So, before purchasing a bicycle rack you need to think about your budget and judge how many bicycles you need to carry. There are a huge variety of bicycle racks which may be considered by three categSpace Saving Bike Rack @ Sharper Imageories.

Roof bike rack: This type requires a roof rack that offers complete access to the trunk and hatch.

Trunk bike racks are mounted on the trunk and hatch of the vehicle. Loading-unloading is easy and suitable to store.

Hitch bike rack needs hitch receiver. Rack installation and removal is an easy process, loading-unloading is also easy here because of minimal lifting.

You better know that a bike is a form of transport. If you can’t ride your pop up camper bike rack in places where you wish to bike, you may need to carry your bike. This became quite easy. You can buy a bicycle rack to carry your bike from place to place.

While you go to buy a bicycle rack, you will obviously choose the right style that best fits with your vehicle. There are a lot of stylish racks to choose. Depending on the size and shape of your vehicle and your bike, you shall have to select the perfect method how to mount your bike on the vehicle and how to choose the right place where the bike is to be mounted.

It is very important to select your rack that can withstand the weight of your bike. The rack should be of sturdy material, likable and fully secured.

A variety of bicycle racks

For the car owners, you can choose a rack that is mind blowing and eye catching to you. A roof mounted rack is attached to your cross-bar of the vehicle and your car can carry one or two bicycles easily.

The car owners can buy a trunk mounted bike rack because this type of rack allows you to carry up to four bicycles.

For the SUV owners or a heavy vehicle with a hitch, a hitch mount rack is the easiest rack to use. You can simply plug it to your hitch receiver. After loading your bike, there remains no other task. You need just to move on.

If you are a truck owner you can opt to prefer a truck bed bike rack that is attached to your rig’s tailgate.

To carry a lot you can make an arrangement by the load carrying products and taking a medium width roof box you can easily carry a single bike on the roof of your car and three bikes on its back with a rear mounted rack.


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