In the old days, consumers across the world were at risk of picking up all sorts of food-borne illness purely because there was no legitimate and effective food safety management system during that era. That has all change with the implementation of Food verification.FOOD-PROCESSING RANGE | NTN SNR

Formulated for NASA’S astronauts: Food verification and hazard analysis critical point (HACCP) was formulated in the 1970s in an effort to supply food that is totally safe and untainted by pathogens or bacteria to the men on the outer limits of space – NASA’s astronauts.

With all the hefty clout of both the US army and NASA behind it, HACCP quickly developed into the preferred food safety mechanism the world over and today, almost every country on the planet prescribes to the principles of thus proactive system.

Food safety was traditionally reactive: The food manufacturers from the farm to the fork, traditionally used to rely on the end product, snapshot inspections of compliance by governmental bodies the simplicity of shelf life to determine food safety.

Once any problem was noticed, the company would react. Food verification process was therefore simply a reactive one that in effect was closing the stable door once the horse had already bolted and kicked a number of hapless victims in the head on its way out.

Each food verification company will have different will have different identifiable hazards, critical control points and effective procedures to deal with its specific hazards. Companies like 먹튀검증 has its own dedicated food safety system that simply follows the procedures laid out by the HACCP system.

Thankfully, all the customers can now rest a little easier in the knowledge that the food processing sector is being properly managed and controlled by an effective and proactive food safety management.먹튀검증 supplies optimum food verification in Korea.


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